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Chico Vision Care Optometry offers comprehensive eye care services from experienced professionals and in-demand frames and lenses to residents in Chico and the surrounding community. Call us today to connect with one of our representatives and enjoy the quality eye care you and your family deserve.

Chico Optometry Services

No matter what age you are or what physical condition the rest of your body is in, it is always important to schedule routine eye exams. While 20/20 vision may seem the norm, in truth, the majority of Americans will require some sort of corrective device to enjoy 20/20 vision. At Chico Vision Care Optometry, our experienced team is here to help you achieve that perfect vision in whatever method is most comfortable for you, be it contact lenses, glasses, or corrective surgery.


Welcome to Chico Vision Care Optometry

At Chico Vision Care Optometry, we offer the residents of Chico, CA, eye care and services from our optometrist who cares about your vision. We provide a range of services to help care for your eyes throughout your lifetime. Reach out to us today to schedule services from our optometrist, or stop in to check out the eyewear products we carry. 

Our Commitment to Eye Care 

We care about the quality of your vision and offer a range of services under one roof to help you see clearly, and get regular eye care. Maintaining and monitoring your vision can be important to help you preserve the health of your eyes. 

Regular screenings and exams can be important for many different people, especially for individuals diagnosed with vision issues who require glasses or contacts to help them see clearly. Without regular exams to understand changes to your vision, you may suffer with work or school when you struggle to see. 

Our team offers personalized services to help you maintain quality vision and preventive treatments and exams.  

In-Office Products

We offer a range of eyewear products, such as the frames and contact lenses, to help ensure you look great and can see the world clearly. Come check out our selection today.

Optometrist Services 

We offer in-house optometrist care to help ensure you preserve and care for your vision and eye health. Whether you have minor vision issues, eye disease, or need routine exams to keep your prescription up to date, we are here to serve you. 

Having reliable, professional optometry care can be a good way to detect changes in your vision, or identify a developing issue that requires attention. Some eye diseases, such as glaucoma, do not have symptoms in their earlier stages and can cause permanent vision loss before the patient can do anything about it. Eye exams can help detect eye diseases early so that you can prevent this vision loss.  

Get Eye Care from Our Optometrist in Chico, CA, on Our Optometry Team

If you want to learn more about the options we offer our area residents, call to speak to one of our helpful team members. We can provide answers to questions or schedule an appointment for optometrist services or a routine exam. Let us provide you with the vision eye care you need to help preserve your vision and care for your specific needs. We at Chico Vision Care Optometry are here to help. Call us at (530) 342-9644 for more information.

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  • Great staff very helpful. They always find me the best deal and explain my insurance coverage in detail.

    - Tiffany M.
  • Best vision prescription I've ever had.

    - Nancy C.
  • The staff are friendly, efficient, and well-versed in what the VA expected of me and them. Their office is exquisitely clean and well organized. If my VA experience in ordering glasses is as bad as before, I will opt to buy out-of-pocket from Chico Vision Care.

    - B D
  • The ladies at the front desk were very polite, the doctor I can’t for the life of me remember his name but he was Asian was very knowledgeable and made the experience easy and fun. I will definitely be using them in the future :)

    - Aaron M.


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