Myopia Control in Kids

Nearsightedness is a refractive error that makes it difficult to see objects at a longer distance. Uncontrolled nearsightedness can increase the risk of myopic macular degeneration, cataracts, detached retina, and glaucoma. An optometrist on our team at Chico Vision Care Optometry, in Chico, CA, can use effective methods to slow nearsightedness progression in kids and can advise on managing the condition at home.

Myopia Control in Kids

What Is Myopia Control in Kids?

Research indicates that nearsightedness is becoming more frequent among children, affecting many U.S. children. Generally, nearsightedness tends to get worse over time as the child ages.

Nearsightedness control is part of pediatric eyecare dedicated to decelerating nearsightedness progression in kids. It involves your child’s optometrist prescribing special spectacle glasses, contact lenses, or atropine eye drops to curb the worsening of their vision.

A professional on our team may also discuss your kid’s visual environment – the amount of time they spend on screens or outdoors.

Nearsightedness Control Methods in Kids

Our experts use some proven methods to control nearsightedness in children. These can include:

Orthokeratology Method

Also called ortho-K, orthokeratology is a contact lens worn overnight to correct nearsightedness by flattening your child’s cornea while they sleep. By the next day, light passing through the reshaped cornea can fall on the retina better, making far images seem clearer.

Small Dose of Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine eye drops are used during an eye examination to relax the muscles and widen your pupils. A low concentration of these drops can control nearsightedness progression in children.

Steps You Can Take to Control Nearsightedness At Home

Research suggests that kids who spend more time indoors doing near-focused activities like computer games and reading have higher chances of nearsightedness than those who spend more time outdoors.

Seeing that your child spends time outdoors and reducing screen time on digital devices can help limit nearsightedness and protect their vision.

Get Myopia Control in Kids and Pediatric Eyecare from Our Team

If your child is diagnosed with nearsightedness, it will likely only get worse if not controlled. Call us at (530) 342-9644 for Chico Vision Care Optometry in Chico, CA, and book your pediatric eyecare visit with us. The earlier an optometrist on our team diagnoses your kid, the better chances we have to control the condition so it doesn’t further affect their vision and cause severe eye conditions in the future. Visit us to get eye health care from an expert.

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