Hard to Fit Contacts

Ever envied those individuals who can visit an optometrist and leave with a new set of contacts or, at the very least, have their prescription ordered promptly? Well, there's no need for envy anymore when you choose Chico Vision Care Optometry, serving Chico and the surrounding region. 

hard to fit contacts

The Definition of Hard-to-Fit Contacts

First and foremost, our eye doctor would like to clarify that hard-to-fit contact lenses aren't your typical prescription for a standard case of myopia. Hard-to-fit lenses are designed for individuals with specific eye conditions that necessitate specialized contacts to optimize their vision effectively.

Examples of Hard-to-Fit Lenses

For instance, specialized lenses may be prescribed if you have astigmatism. While standard contacts suffice for mild cases, more severe or moderate instances may require the use of specialized contacts for astigmatism, also known as toric lenses, to optimize vision across different meridians.

Consider, for instance, individuals with keratoconus, severe astigmatism, or those who experience dry eye. They can benefit from Ortho-K contacts, which demand a specialized fitting process. These contacts differ from the standard variety worn throughout the day. Instead, they are worn exclusively while you sleep. Upon waking, they correct your vision by reshaping your eyes.

Suppose you require vision correction for both near and distant eyesight. In such cases, you have an alternative to relying solely on glasses in the form of bifocal contact lenses, which fall under the category of hard-to-fit lenses. Additionally, some individuals need vision correction for intermediate vision, alongside their near and far eyesight. In this scenario, we can provide specialized contacts known as trifocal contacts.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

In addition to reviewing your medical history, we'll conduct a comprehensive vision assessment, including an astigmatism test and near vision evaluation. An eye health examination is also an integral part of the testing process. Following these assessments, we will proceed with the contact lens fitting process if you express interest in contact lenses. This involves using a device to measure the dimensions of your eyes. Based on the results, we can ascertain whether you require contacts beyond the standard variety and discuss your available options.

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