Comprehensive Vision Exams

Why You Need Regular Comprehensive Vision Exams

Having clear vision is something that people can take for granted. While you could have clear vision today, many people experience loss of vision clarity as the years go by. Fortunately, this can be corrected through the use of contacts and glasses. To ensure that your vision is good, you will need to have vision exams done regularly. There are several reasons why receiving comprehensive vision exams is so important. If you are in Chico, Ca, Chico Vision Care Optometry is the practice for you!


Receive Updated Contacts or Glasses

One of the main reasons why you need to receive comprehensive vision exams is that it can provide you with an updated prescription. As people continue to age, their vision tends to get weaker over time. While it is a gradual change, it can be more noticeable as the years go by. When you come in for an annual vision examination, you will have your vision completed tested. Based on this assessment, the optometrist may identify that you need a new prescription. This can then help you to get into a new set of corrective lenses that will get you the best vision possible. 

Receive Eye Health Examination

Another advantage of having an annual examination done is that you can receive a full eye health examination. While your eyes may seem fine at the time, there is always a chance that you have some eye health issues that you are not aware of. When you receive an examination, the optometrist will be able to complete a full examination and identify any concerns. Based on this assessment, they could give you medication, eye drops, or other forms of care that can help to treat and correct the issue. 

Provide Advice for Care

During a comprehensive vision exam, you can also receive advice and tips that can help to improve and manage your eye care going forward. This can include giving tips to help strengthen your eyes, minimize damage from the sun, and other suggestions that can keep your eyes healthy. This can help to ensure that your vision remains strong going forward as well. 

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If you are in the Chico, CA area and need a comprehensive vision exam, visit Chico Vision Care Optometry. When you visit our office for your vision exam, you can be assured that your eyes receive the care and attention that they need. You should contact us today to schedule an appointment and have your eyes and vision properly checked. Call 530-342-9644 to schedule your appointment today!

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