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At Chico Vision Care in Chico, CA, our services cover a spectrum of eye issues, concerns, treatment, and solutions. Our optometrist is able to address an assortment of problems including eye infections, irritations, allergies, age-related degenerative issues, and more. 


Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome is a common ailment that affects lots of different people. It’s not just associated with older age. Dry eye syndrome can start from wearing the wrong contact lenses or the overuse of electronics. Infection, external harm, and age all can be risk factors, and simple eye drops don’t always work. Instead of itching and rubbing or trying to settle with a compresses, visit our team to discover what’s causing your dry eye syndrome and how to treat it effectively.

Contagious Infections

There’s a reason why people react when the term “pink eye” comes up. As a contagious eye infection, pink eye is notoriously easy to spread. It can also be treated very easily along with other eye infection problems. Our optometrist can confirm exactly what’s going on with a patient and how best to clean out the infection and stop its growth from continuing and providing real help in healing the patient’s eyes.

Red Eyes and Computer Eye Strain

Red eye conditions and eye strain from staring at a computer screen too long can take a toll on the eyes. The eyes can only work intensively for so long before becoming exhausted. The symptoms might involve pain in the eyes, itching, loss of moisture, headaches, and an inability to focus well. We can provide relief through natural eye drops that restore moisture and lifestyle guidance.

Refractive Eyesight Problems

Refractive errors can be disruptive a person’s everyday life. What’s happening is that the light is not entering the eye correctly, which causes the optic nerve to register ill-formed imagery. This can be a regular concern with patients who have astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness. While prescription eyeglasses can definitely help, our team can also fit and prescribe special contact lenses that can do the same as well.

Glaucoma Screening and Cataracts

Our office also provides screening services to catch early signs of glaucoma and cataracts. Both conditions can grow quietly and without detection until one’s eyesight starts to become compromised. Because our team actively looks for these concerns, we’re able to help our patients right away with treatment to help stop the degeneration and damage.

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