When you have eyes that are dry and uncomfortable, it may be dry eye syndrome. This is a syndrome that encompasses a lot of symptoms that are annoying and may interfere with your daily life. The condition can be painful, and sufferers need to see an optometrist to get a diagnosis and receive treatment for it. At Chico Vision Care Optometry, we treat a variety of eye health conditions, including dry eye syndrome.


Causes of Dry Eyes

Do You Have Dry Eye?

There are so many symptoms of dry eye that many sufferers don't realize that it's what they are dealing with. The eyes may feel dry and irritated, but the eyes may also water as the body overcompensates for the dryness. The syndrome can cause pain in the eyes, but it can also cause headaches.

Many people experience eyes that feel gritty, sore, itchy, burning, or stinging. Dry eye can also cause the eyes to expel strings of mucus which may get caught in your eyelashes. The eyes can turn red, or you may feel like there's something in your eyes. Eye fatigue and soreness are also common with dry eye.

Causes of Dry Eye

Many things can cause dry eye to develop, including a number of medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle choices. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the wind, you are more likely to have dry eye develop. If you bike or run, or simply spend a lot of time outside, be sure to wear sunglasses to prevent the wind from drying out your eyes. Other cases of dry eye are caused by taking certain medications such as immunosuppressants and some antidepressants. Dry eye can also be caused by a wide range of medical conditions such as thyroid disease and diabetes.

Treating Your Dry Eye

It's important to see the optometrist if you believe you have dry eye so that you can get prescription medication. However, there are a few things you can do at home until then. You can use non-prescription eye drops to help your eyes get more moisture quickly. You can also relieve your condition by putting humidifiers in your home to add to the moisture in the air.

Get Dry Eye Treatment in Chico, CA

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